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WorldWide Interpreters, Inc was incorporated in the State of Texas on February 1998 with its principal office in Houston, Texas. WorldWide Interpreters has an impressive client list. Our client list includes interpretation services to the second largest county in the United States (Maricopa County) and several state governments. WorldWide Interpreters also serves medical facilities found in Oklahoma, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, California, Tennessee, and others. For our state government customers, we process over 2.5 million minutes of interpretation yearly.

In 1998, the founder of WorldWide Interpreters, a former NASA engineer, responded to requests from hospital staff for an easier to use device for language interpretation with the development of the first wireless "Interpreter in a Box". There is no other company that provides a wireless telephone interpretation system with the design features specifically for the health care system. As an example of the importance of these advantages, after an extensive competitive evaluation process, the board members of FirstChoice Cooperative (over 20,000 members nation-wide, which include hospitals, healthcare facilities, MSO clinics, rural clinics, home health agencies, reference labs, and emergency medical services) recently selected WorldWide Interpreters, in a 17 to 1 vote over Language Line and other contenders, to be the sole source provider for their member companies. The primary reason was that our system is so much easier to use. If the language interpretation system is not user-friendly, it is inevitable that caregivers will revert to using housekeeping staff or underage family members as interpreters.

We leverage the latest in call center technology. The disperse locations of these customers should prove our ability to provide interpretation services to diverse populations. Some of WorldWide Interpreters, Inc notable features making it the most suitable vendor for include:

  • A proven track record at providing over-the-phone interpretation services to large-scale clients as is evidence by the States of Tennessee, Idaho, Virginia, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, and Texas;
  • Ability to provide quick set-up (matter of minutes) for new clients;
  • Capacity to absorb large-scale or large-volume customers quickly;
  • Ability to provide conferencing capability for up to four parties including the calling party, the limited English speaker, and the vendor/interpreter triaged by an operator.
  • Efficient organizational business models optimized to provide high-end services at low costs;
  • Financial stability to acquire and maintain large-scale customers;
  • Billing starts as soon as the interpreter is on-line
  • Long-standing customer relationships such as the Maricopa Integrated Health System (MIHS), Maricopa County, AZ, with 13 separate facilities - World Wide Interpreters is now on its third contiguous contract award to MIHS for all its interpretation services, including American Sign Language, using internet-based video. The contract relationship began in December 1999 with a second renewal in 2003 and a third in 2009;
  • A scalable and secure platform provides unlimited simultaneous call capacity and system redundancy;
  • Dedicated service and 24x7 phone support assure immediate response;
  • Customer Support Hotline for resolving customer issues rapidly;
  • Offer over 200 languages;
  • Competitive costs due to our PIN-based system

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