Set yourself apart from the competition with WorldWide Interpreters. Show your current and potential limited English-speaking customers that you truly care about their business by providing the best in translation and interpretation services.

  • Take recorded statements
  • Support for Auto and Home Quotes
  • Sell insurance internationally
  • Reduce risk and comply with confidentiality standards
  • Provide quick claims processing and customer service
  • Improve claims investigations
  • Evaluate borderline legal claims
  • Enhance help desk service
  • Easily explain benefits

Individual Businesses

  • Document Translation
  • On-Site Interpreting when face-to-face interaction is required
  • Mobile Interpreting: On-demand access to live interpreters in 10 languages, via your iPhone app
  • Direct Response
  • Telephone Interpreting in over 200 different languages
  • Video Remote Interpreting services for American Sign Language and other spoken languages
  • The easy to use, WWI Phone, or for private conversations, use our Corded Dual Handset Phone or WWI Dual-Interpreter Phone to facilitate multilingual communication
  • Translate software, content management solutions, websites, on-line help, multimedia applications, and other applications into different languages


It’s essential for utility providers to expand their language offerings as their customer base continues to grow and diversity. WorldWide Interpreters helps utility providers offer professional, on-demand interpretation and translation services that serve all customers, while also making organizations more efficient and profitable.

  • Support Call Volume Spikes
  • Translate Your Forms
  • Meet Requirement and Compliance Standards
  • New Service Requests
  • Repair/Technical Support
  • Market to Diverse Communities
  • Billing and Collections
  • In Office/Field Support: Assist your walk-in customers by calling our interpreters, using your own speakerphone or our WWI Phone, or for private conversations, use our Corded Dual Handset Phone or WWI Dual-Interpreter Phone

Enterprise-Level Businesses

  • Supplement existing in-house language resources
  • Enhance their customer service centers
  • Support personnel in the field
  • Increase success rate of collections
  • Support multicultural marketing programs
  • Bridge language barriers to create global business partnerships