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Government agencies have the mandate to provide meaningful access to their services for all constituents, regardless of their spoken language. Since 1988, WorldWide Interpreters has provided cost effective, easy access to on-demand language services for federal, state and local agencies including:

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  • Public Safety – 9-1-1 services and emergency dispatch in several metropolitan areas in the U.S. Also supporting investigations, hotlines and public outreach efforts
  • 3-1-1 and Call Center Support – supporting the largest 311 centers in North America, who provide public information 24 / 7 / 365 for a wide range of caller needs, as well as a wide range of government call center needs
  • Social Services- including diverse programs such as public information, benefit administration, community outreach and hotlines
  • Public Health – supporting outreach and improved health outcomes in LEP communities for community medical and health services
  • Protective Services Agencies – services supporting children, women, and the elderly
  • Regulatory Agencies –assisting in inspections, interviews, and information for housing, environmental, workplace, and other areas
  • Labor/Employment Services – supporting worker training, benefit administration, fair hearings, and appeals
  • Courts and Justice System – ensuring access to justice for general information, arraignments, hearings, parole, communication with family members, etc., and improving overall efficiency in crowded court systems
  • Correctional Facilities – cost effective, on-demand language services for basic communication, health, and legal issues
  • Education – K-12 communication with parents, community outreach